EasyPay Layaway

EasyPay Layaway vs. Rent to Own
How does our EasyPay Layaway program stack up against a lease or rent to own? Most leases have an effective cost of 80% or more above the cash price. More often than not they won't disclose it and refuse to call it what it is. Add up the payments for the full term - that's the bottom line. With our EasyPay Layaway program it will be the cost of the item plus $35.00 and 15% charged if it's for an annual term. Shorter terms are less, down to 9%. In a lease, it would be cost plus $40 or more and at least 80%. That assumes you get to keep the item without getting hit again with a "buy out" fee. ARC 90 is a payment plan that gives you up to twelve months to pay for it. This is not an embarrassing rent to own or a lease. We don't ask for your SSN and your credit rating with the 3 major bureaus is not part of the decision process unless there is a default. Our proprietary system examines your recent financial history. We feel this is more accurate for determining ability to re-pay a short term obligation. Your income level does matter but even a full time minimum wage earner can qualify.
What Does All This Cost?
Global Check charges $35.00 when you make a purchase at our retail store, not before. There is a plan fee of about 15% at the time of sale. Your first payment on an annual sale will be about 25%. After that the payments are much lower and decline over time. Prior to each payment coming due we'll send you an e-mail listing the amount plus the option to pay it off without having to jump through any hoops.
Cash Price
Down Payment
Remaining Payment
Price Paid
$39 to $32

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